Friday, April 07, 2017

Master Chess Moves

This is how 4D chess works:

- Deep State false flags Syria gas attack. President Trump responds with a "headfake response."

- Trump warned Putin. Putin warned Assad. Humane, precision strike. None or minimal casualties. Strength of the United States military flexed. Terrorists put on notice.

- Red lin in the sand was crossed. Trump upstages Obama, and shows that war crimes like chemical weapon attacks against children will be met with the force of tomahawk cruise missiles.

- Fake Russia narrative destroyed forever. Wiretap and Susan Rice investigation moves forward as Nunes is replaced with Trey Gowdy.

- trump supporters prove that #NoMoreWars is more important than blind loyalty.

- Massive power play to China as Trump eats dinner with President Xi. North Korea put on notice.

- All eyes on Trump as he tells the public, "No child of God shall suffer such horror."

- Democrats forced to support the president.

- Gorsuch confirmed.


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