Wednesday, May 03, 2006

47 MPG: if government would step out of the way!

There is one part of the equation for gas mileage that many on the left are missing. 25 years ago or more, government regulation for all sorts of goodies did not yet exist.
- air bags
- catalytic converters,
- etc, etc, etc.
All those mandated bits of junk in our cars only take away from fuel efficiency and add weight and expense to the cars.

I think the solution is easy, for any car manufacturer who is willing to improve the gas mileage, say, from 27 to 47 mpg, let's scrap all the mandated bits of junk, and let them innovate. I think you will see lots of smaller car manufacturers pop up like what happened at the turn of the 20th century, many of those were in Western Pennsylvania. If you are inclinded, and happen to be in the neighborhood, just take a stroll down to Frick Museum in the Point Breeze section of Pittsburgh and you will see the cars that were manufactured at mom and pop places around here, free of government mandates and interference.

Just like Ronald Reagan once said:

"Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them."

If there is truly demand for high MPG, as our friends on the left have laid claim, then take away the government and the mandates, and you will see the efficient cars pop up all over the place.

Just look what is happening in England, government has stepped out of the way and allowed these kinds of innovations (something this country would not allow because of our stupid government regulations; gawk, where are the air bags: give me a break)

Green mini-car to beat congestion

I'm surprised the Feds haven't mandated air bags for my bicycle ;)


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