Friday, June 09, 2006

Electric Cars Pollute

EV1, G.M.'s electric car.
"Who Killed the Electric Car?"
Truth be told: you and I. Until recently the cost of gasoline has been low, and we just didn't want that kind of car. But what about the future?

Did you know that electric cars, when recharged using electricity from coal-fired power plants, actually pollute the atmosphere more than gasoline. That is a fact, and a fact that most people do not understand. Now alternately, electric cars, when recharged using electricity from nuclear energy do pollute less than gasoline cars. By pollution I mean ground level particulates and SO2. But if you consider, it is also true for non- pollutants like CO2 because nuclear power plants generate negligible CO2 compared with coal.

There are other problems too: What about the disposal of the batteries.

I don't doubt that the car industry killed these (they only respond to demand), but taken with some of these other facts, it is not a complete solution. Does this film show these other factors as well. If not then I claim that the program is less than completely objective. Did they show the fact about pollution from coal plants which is the primary source of the energy for electric cars? I doubt it.

But I am not against electric cars.. I am for them, but only if they are powered by nuclear energy. It's the perfect way to reduce pollution in the environment. And the government is complicit because they do not provide R&D funds for both the electric cars and mechanisms to provide for safe disposal or reuse of the waste taken from nuclear power plants.

What we need now is an enterprising young team to come along and do this in the private sector. Most good new technologies are born via capitalism. The demand is now rising, and so shall the supply of future generations of electric cars, and if the government will help, they will be powered by nuclear, or other forms of non-polluting energy.

If Senator Kennedy would stop objecting to wind farms off of Cape-Cod, there is one alternate safe form right there.

"But it was not to be. A little over 1,000 EV1s were produced by G.M. before the company pulled the plug on the project in 2002 due to insufficient demand."

So you see it was demand that killed the cars back then, and pbs admits that. Today we perhaps have more demand due to the cost of gasoline. That makes a perfect climate for the entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and start producing.


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