Thursday, June 22, 2006

Everyone benefits with the FairTax !

I just bought and read The FairTax Book. My thanks go to the authors for such a logical presentation of the subject of taxation. I never realized how the lowest income folks will make out twice (don't read into my statement anything I didn't say, which many tend to do with language). Basically, most folks don't realize that we are already paying 22% on top of everything we buy in hidden taxation. So we do away with income tax, and replace that hidden tax with a national sales tax on new items and services, and the economy blossoms; what could be simpler and easier, and -- more logical? The book itself is extremely entertaining and easy to read. Anyone who doesn't support the fairtax (over the current IRS withholding system) is totally illogical. To them I assert: Non-sequitur, Norman Coordinate.


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