Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sour note for cycling

I guess it looks bad for poor Floyd Landis. Too bad, because I really believe him when he says that he had not taken anything. And I still do. I think he really believes so too. Who knows, but this is not good for the sport of cycling. It figures, that it happened in France (that's the cynic in me speaking). They ought to give Floyd the benefit of the doubt, but in France, folks are not innocent until proven guilty.

``I don't know if it's somehow or some way I ingested something that caused the tests to be that way,'' the race winner said in last night's ``Tonight Show With Jay Leno'' on NBC.

The 30-year-old, who has denied wrongdoing, didn't say what he could have taken that would have caused the doping failures. Others have raised the possibility that he consumed something that affected the readings, he added.

He criticized the handling of his tests after previously denouncing the International Cycling Union and World Anti-Doping Agency for releasing details of the results before providing them to him.

``The people doing the tests would like you to believe that the only possibility is that I essentially took some drugs and that's why the test is that way,'' said Landis, who has also said a natural occurrence in his body's levels of testosterone could have caused the failures.


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