Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hysteria is Mounting over Voting Machines

A substantial portion of the electronic voting machines that will be used in the U.S.A. next week are produced in Venezuela. That's right, the country that used those same machines to re-elect Hugo Chavez. I've heard from the left that exit polls should predict an election (although not scientifically a sound method).. Well, when Hugo Chavez was running in his last election the exit polls were going 60/40 against him. And after the votes were tallied, by his electronic voting machines, somehow that flipped, and he won by 60/40, instead of the other way around which was the predicted values based on exit polling. Personally, I don't trust exit polls, but those who do ought to raise their eyebrows to this one.

We all know that Chavez is a leftist who hates Bush, so if anyone has the election rigged, it's Chavez, and it is rigged against the R's. All Chavez has to do is push a button, and any R victory will switch to a D. :)

----Secret Update -- Keep under wraps -- do not reveal to the media --
Bush and Chavez are big oil buddies secretly in cahoots. Chavez is just pulling everyone's leg when he calls Bush the devil. Chavez is really just Bush's South American puppet. Chavez has rigged the voting machines so that Bush can change the results.
--- end secret ---

Here's a pertinent opinion from Neal Boortz:

There's just one week to go until Election Day, and already the hysteria is mounting...over voting machines. After the 2000 debacle in Florida, governments across the country have bought these electronic voting machines. But the media and Democrats, always pushing the "disenfranchised" lie, are trying to portray them as hard to use and inaccurate. After all, how can normal people be expected to use a voting machine? What if they vote for the wrong person?

Think about that position for a minute. Just about every person walking our streets has used an ATM machine. We use computers at home....which are much more complicated than any voting machine. People use self-serve grocery check-out stations. They pay at the pump for their gas. The voting machines are not complicated. They are not hard to use. But that's not the real issue here anyway.

I want you to consider the possibility that the real issue that Democrats fear is that the machines just might be accurate. For decades, Democrats have been propelled into office by election fraud. That is, people voting twice...dead people voting...people being paid off and told who to vote for, etc. The electronic voting machine gets rid of a lot of that. Computers are absolute...they only do exactly what people tell them to do...not what some Democratic precinct chief wants.

And then there's the whole issue of the soft bigotry of low expectations. Shouldn't the people who Democrats say are too dumb to work the machines be offended? Of course not....not as long as those same Democrats keep the checks coming.


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