Friday, October 27, 2006

What's Past is Prologue

This from the National Association of Manufacturers:
In other words, if the D's win in November, this is
more of what to expect. It's hard to run a business these days...

What's Past is Prologue

Proposals from the 1993-1994 Congress and the Clinton Administration, 1993-2000
  • Nationalized health care.
  • BTU energy tax.
  • OSHA expansion legislation.
  • A complete re-write of the National Labor Relations Act, making it easier for unions to organize.
  • Ban on use of replacement workers during strikes.
  • Unnecessary EPA protocols for air emissions.
  • New restrictions on chemical companies.
  • Patients' Bill of Rights (Kennedy-Dingell), creating new causes of action against employers.
  • Overreaching, costly and unnecessary OSHA ergonomics measures.
  • The AFL-CIO's Equal Pay Act.
  • Proposal to ban discrimination against parents.
  • Added costs for employee equipment via OSHA rules.
  • New OSHA recordkeeping rules.


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