Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let progressives and coastal cities pay the carbon tax

I've claimed that climate models don't hold salt because so often models don't know how to extrapolate the future, and that many times the past data being used is incomplete.

I've been told that even though computer models can not predict far into the future, because we don't have data that we are positive won't change over time, and that there is no way we can rely on such a thing, that we have to 'go with what information and models we now have' and that 'the current data says the planet is warming faster than a prairie fire'. I've been told that 'waiting around for a model that can forecast consistent or changing patterns will take forever'. I've been told that we 'can always say the computer doesn't know what unforeseen event will happen next and that all predictions are therefore flawed'. And 'that I would be right', with all this supposition.

I've been told that to delay is to 'play chicken to the bitter end' and that we will all 'lose everything'. I've been told that it is 'better to be prepared than sorry'. I've been told that 'the coastal cities will be buried under water before we get our perfect computer' model.

So to this I immediately wonder: when the 'progressives' take power, and institute the huge carbon taxes that will be necessary to curb carbon emissions....

Why not make the 'coastal cities' pay the majority of those taxes. They will benefit the most. We should also tax the 'progressives' or anyone who votes for a 'progressive' because they will benefit most.

Why should the rest of us pay for their benefit?


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