Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On issues

I was against the bailout on principle. Too bad both presidential candidates voted for it. Too bad Bush has swerved way left of his original libertarian leanings (perhaps they never existed and I was merely fooled into that belief).

But there is still one way to differentiate. One candidate has consistently voted against increases in government spending, voting only 79% of the time with his party. The other candidate voted 97% of the time with his own party, and voted for every spending increase in his short tenure. That candidate admits he wants to 'spread the wealth around' because he feels that is 'good for everyone': I disagree.

Admittedly, most of our federal government bureaucracy is big, boated, and difficult to dismantle, but at least one candidate running for president expressed the desire to try to dismantle its size and shrink it's tyrannical reach to local mainstream America.

Don't be hypnotized by smooth talk.


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