Friday, January 16, 2009

Global Warming Update:

Global Warming Update

Maine, USA: -47° F

We're talking dogs-sticking-to-the-sidewalk cold. If there were any justice at all in this world, the inauguration next Tuesday would see Washington D.C. with -47° F temperatures.

I'm told:
So What? Wanna bet we have an unusual warm spell sometime this spring or summer?
But I say: Who cares about spring and summer. Winter is when we need the warming. Think of how many birds and wildlife are dying!

And again I'm told:
You miss the point.
Yea, I know the point. The point is that socialist liberals want total control of the means of production in their quest to have absolute domination over all their subjects. So they use Global Warming and climate change as a scare tactic in their hoax to attain that control. But now I see they have found an even better mechanism: banking meltdown.


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