Monday, April 20, 2009

letter to CNN concerning their horrific coverage of tea parties

Normal Americans have had enough. As the ratings demonstrate, this eloquent letter to CNN execs Ken Jautz ( and Phil Kent ( from Donna S speaks for many:

I am writing you today in regard to the coverage your news broadcasts have given to the Tax Day Tea Parties this week. I am a mother, wife, worker and taxpayer. My family attended our local Tea Party, along with hundreds of other families. No one we encountered came even close to being as rude and poorly behaved as your reporter in Chicago. As a matter of fact, the large crowd assembled was respectful and kind to one another.
I am not an extremist (although DHS labels me so). I am not pleased, and I will no longer be silent.
Your reporter "covering" the Chicago party, Susan Roesgen, declared the Tea Party to be "not family viewing" after antagonizing protesters and arguing with them, rudely questioning them and then failing to allow them to answer. If any part of her broadcast was not fit for families, it was her behavior. Her research (if she did any at all) into the reasons protesters were attending seems to have left her lacking in any useful information. My children had a better understanding of this movement than Ms. Roesgen. Her behavior was both childish and unprofessional. Is this what makes you "the mosted trusted name in news"?
I went on to become even further disgusted by Anderson Cooper's referral to the protesters as "teabaggers," recycling this lame, crude and juvenile crack and directing it at the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters. I have to ask you, as an Executive Vice President and Chairman and CEO of this network, if you felt that this crude sexual innuendo is family viewing? Perhaps you should ask Ms. Roesgen.
CNN owes an apology to its viewers for its complete lack of objectivity and journalistic integrity. Your intentions and your bias were made more than obvious through what you chose to air. Perhaps your coverage of the Chicago Tea Party would have met Ms. Roesgen's requirements for family viewing if you had sent someone other than an ill-informed, belligerent hack to do the reporting. Perhaps Mr. Cooper can earn some more "international respect" by explaining what he meant in using the term "teabagging." Make sure to run it past your self-proclaimed censor, Ms. Roesgen, to ensure it's appropriate to be viewed by families.
It is no wonder Fox News is number one.
Donna S
Unsurprisingly, there's been no response from Jautz or Kent


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

I can't stand CNN or any "mainstream" news media outlet. Even FOX (aka: FAUX) gets on my nerves as I feel they're doing nothing more than "pandering for the conservative buck" sometimes.

And these people wonder why nobody's buying the newspaper or watching their regurgitated "talking points" ...


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