Monday, May 18, 2009

2010 Toyota Prius v. 2010 Honda Insight

Interesting, but none of the comments talk about the pollution created to mine the battery components.

I think I know why some cars got better gas mileage decades ago: because people weighed less, and the roads were better maintained, with fewer stop lights to ruin your mileage.

2010 Toyota Prius v. 2010 Honda Insight

With their new Insight hybrid, Honda is going after the Toyota Prius in a big way. The 2010 third-generation Prius has several updates and remains the king of MPG. The new Insight, however, is significantly less expensive.

Here are comparisons by Popular Mechanics and Motor Trend.

My impression is that the Prius is a little more advanced technologically, a little more powerful, and somewhat larger and roomier. And as mentioned it gets better mileage. (And drivers are reporting much higher MPGs for both cars than the EPA estimates.)   continued...


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