Monday, May 04, 2009

Re: The things you don't read about Barack Obama

This is a better analogy.

While at work, a man ogles another man's wife, she later tells her husband about it when he gets home (analogy: first world trade center bombing under Clinton). She urges him to do something about it but he refuses because he is a pacifist (analogy: Jamie Gurellic wall between CIA/FBI under Clinton). Some time later, the man breaks in and violently rapes the wife (analogy: 9/11) and gets away.  The husband, now a changed man (Bush now president), vowing to stop this kind of tyranny, goes on the offense (wars in Afg. and Iraq). The man goes down to the bad section of town, finds the rapist, and kills him (Sadam hanged).  Years later, the husband's pacifist instincts return (Obama elected). He declares that all rapists and offenders be released from prison (Iran Nukes). Instead, the changed man now wants peace for the world, and wants to spend more on his family, but instead he gives all his money to the local government and charity (Stimulus and Omnibus spending bills). The wife, enraged, leaves him and gets a divorce, and the man wilts away into obscurity, broke and downtrodden, he dies homeless in a gutter (our future with the debt that cannot be payed back).

So you see, indeed, your analogy (below) is ludicrous!
The 'stimulus' is not spent on long term projects, but on pork, short term repayment of campaign favors, and states like California so that they can fund their health care, and to give it to inefficient government bureaucrats. You said it yourself once, that these government bureaucracies, which you saw in action when you worked for the courts, are extremely wasteful.  That money would have been much better spent in private industry which does everything more efficiently.

If you actually read the constitution, you will see that the president's main job function is to protect us from threats, foreign and domestic. Bush did that.  Obama thinks he IS congress, which holds the purse strings.  The war is over, but Obama will never stop his reckless spending, and the debt will explode until we will never be able to pay it back.. THINK LONG TERM !

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 9:40 AM, A big time Liberal and Romantic Thinker wrote:

I think Dick said it best when he said that President Obama would have drawn sharp criticism had he not spent money or spent too little money to address the concerns of the economy…it is no surprise that when his spending is targeted but comprehensive he is getting flack. It is foolish to suggest that wasting billions with a very negative, poorly conceived, and barbaric war activity is simply reckless spending, and then try to compare it to anyone's planned economic policy….it is illogical. This is like comparing the detonation of largest atomic bomb in a populated area at the hands of a madman to a team of construction workers that cleared out brambles and debris with their bulldozers to prepare the area for the construction of a new housing plan.


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