Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another mis-led voter sees the light

Michael Jones of PolGazette, a site that promises news and analysis from different moderate perspectives, has seen the light.

Like many Americans last November, I voted for change.  I had hope.  I no longer have hope since the president I voted for never mentioned a fraction of the agenda he now espouses.  I did not vote to lower my standard of living, humble as it may be.  Nor did I ask to jump into the economic abyss in order to "save" the planet.

When the economic chickens of this agenda do come home to roost, many people will change their perception of the whole quasi-religious scam known as "climate change."  Once you view the fall you're about to take, it's natural to turn around and take a good look at who is pushing you.

I voted for change, not economic suicide.


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