Friday, July 10, 2009

Newsweek: Obama more catholic than the Pope

Last time I heard, the Pope advocated that we refrain from abortion. During the campaign for president, Obama even said that if one of his own daughters made a mistake, he'd rather see them get an abortion than be punished with a baby. Obama's words, not mine.

One thing is certain, Obama doesn't represent me in any way shape or form; and I am Catholic.

Newsweek's latest plunge into self-parody:


Chairman Zero, who voted four times to support killing babies who survive attempted abortions, is infamous for his contempt for the sanctity of innocent human life — a principle central to the Catholic faith. Anyone who supports Obama and claims to be Catholic is mocking God.

The rats aboard the sinking ship at Newsweak have made their strategy clear: steer a course for the most outrageous extreme of moonbattery conceivable.


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