Monday, August 10, 2009

Fishy disinformation

Here is a new GOP ad that turns the tables on the White House's claim there is a lot of "disinformation" out there about Health Care. In fact, the ad shows that it is President Obama himself and other Democrats who are putting out "disinformation."

In order to facilitate the White House noble efforts to shut up the critics of Obama's progressive reforms, our Visual Agitation Subdivision of Propaganda Directorate made this modest collection of posters. The masses are encouraged to contribute. Defeat the anti-revolutionary kulaks! 


5 Steps to a better national-socialist health care: 

• beat up the opposition 
• call the other side fascists 
• whip up hysteria 
• criminalize difference of opinion 
• report dissenters to 






Considering the overwhelming response to these designs, we created a few new items for sale with them: 

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By Comrade Snoogie Woogums
8/7/2009, 2:24 am

A couple of humble entries. 


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Hrrmmmm.....  maybe we should talk to a Post-Modern Deconstructionist. 

Ahhhh... there he is...  now then, tell us about O's.... 
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