Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Specter townhall dialog

The following is a experience of an attendee of the Specter Town Hall and my dialog:

I attended the Kittanning Arlen Specter Town Hall meeting. I did not get in but was on the outside with the 1500+ people which included a group who were up against the hill with loudspeakers. I saw someone I knew sitting on the hill above them and moved around to see them and as I passed this big guy in a red t-shirt and red ex-marine ball cap he sort of stepped back and bumped me. I turned to look at him and I saw this woman from the pro-health plan side had a professional poster in this ex-marines face and he proceeded to rip it out of her hand. Well when he did she jumped in his face and I felt someone hit me on my other side and I looked over to and saw a person with a video camera recording this confrontation. I immediately saw that this was a set up and that the pro health care people appeared to video it. At that point I had my camera out and I saw another pro health person, a slight built, blond hair young man in a long sleeve shirt and tie just get into this ex-marines face with some serious anger. I decided to jump in and told the marine he was being set up and that I say the woman assault him with the sign and asked that they get me on the video. While doing this I snapped the photo below of the young blond man with the tie and very angry face. The whole thing sort of calmed down and the ex-marine thanked me.

Now the good part. That was Wednesday the 12th.  

On Saturday the 15th I read the Valley News Dispatch, my local paper and when I got to page A8 I see this photograph of "Audience members ask questions to President Obama a town hall meeting on health care Friday (the 14th) at Gallatin Field in Belgrade, Mont. (Article, Obama downplays protests)

Well I looked at the photo and right in the middle who do I see but this slight built, blond young man with a long sleeve shirt on with his hand raised to ask a question.  As I looked the young blond man I described above from the Kittanning Town Hall came to mind and I could not but recognize the resemblance. Below is my digital shot of the photo in the paper and my photo of the angry young pro health care person I described above. Except for what appears to be a thinning hair line (that the top light could blow out color wise) it looks to me like this guy was in Kittanning on Wednesday and in Belgrade, Mont. Friday. Check out the photos yourself and be the judge. It would be interesting to do some research to see exactly who the Union, Socialists, ACORN and the several other special interest groups were at the Kittanning Town Hall meeting.

My conclusion was the opposition is well organized, small, loud and has a playbook and many, many years of practice at this and we need get smart, know the oppositions tactics, develop offense and a defensive strategy, organize and practice them.

Please pass this along, edit as needed but I would love to know who the little blonde dude is at Kittanning and who the blonde dude in Montana is too.  B. C.

My response:

The liberals nutroots are certainly skilled at stirring up fake controversy. That much is very true. The left has way more practice at socialism and telling lies. Only collectivism practices these kind of thug tactics.  We, as individuals, need to stay involved, and as I saw in the PCN rebroadcast of these townhall meetings; I think that when we are inside the building asking questions of the representatives, that we need to stay calm, cool and collected, and ask the kinds of logical questions I saw coming from the concerned skeptics of this bill. Specter had very short and illogical answers to most of the pragmatic questions.  Specter of course had longer and romantic answers to those who basically said: I want free health care on the backs of other people's labors. YES WE CAN!

With respect to the photos, I don't think this is the same individual. They are merely two separate nuts in the liberal moonbat wing. With luck, these young misguided individuals will grow up and act more respectfully.

As one who grew up in the projects of Pittsburgh when you deal with thugs you don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

What I saw outside at the town hall meeting two times were us shouting them down. Once on the hill with them using the megaphone and a second time in front entrance where the socialists were mouthing off. If they would have been permitted to continue they would have been empowered instead they were totally neutered.

As long as we take a passive, nice suburb country club person attitude, we will loose.

The ex-mairine I mentioned did not have a clue he was being set up and was a very nice guy until one of them put the sign in his face and only when confronted with the truth, not passive and nice/ignore them, did they back off.

As far as Media broadcasts go, why do we really care what they show? Only Fox will show a reasonable representation of the truth. The others will lie no matter what we do. It is like we are waiting for the "Big Media" to tell the truth and it never happens but like Charlie Brown, we still try to kick the football (look for the truth from the Media) although it never happens. In a plain word this is critical mass naivety or complete ignorance.

I lived in the Soviet Union for 6 months in 1975 and I saw this first hand. This was a country that was run by 2% of the communist party population. It can happen here.

Question: Will everyone be nice at the 9/12 tea party when the union, socialist, NOW and ACORN pros show up? The tea party people should be for warned as these people are not nut cases but pragmatic, disciplined, fervent disciples of their abhorrent world view and the only thing for good people to do for them to win is do nothing as I am sure you know.

Okay, you've convinced me about the outside protests. What I was referring to were the questioners inside when I indicated calm and cool. But outside, you are right.

Now I got you. Getting up to speed is kind of like when I went from born and bred union supporter, child of depression parents who believed everything FDR ever said, city of Pittsburgh employed under democrat mayor Joe Barr (talk about mafia with a flag) and cheering support of Ted Kennedy in and around 1975 when he came to Pittsburgh and spoke in Mellon Park about universal health care. I though yea, sure, were the richest country in the world, why not. Then I went to the Soviet Union to work and say the workers paradise, everything I read in my Dad's Steelworkers and Teamsters magazine come true and then some coupled with my life in the Projects and I started to do a 180 at that point and never came back.

A friend and I visited Romania in 1982, when it was still under Soviet control. He was originally from there, but since became a citizen of the U.S.A. He and I visited some college friends of his. We sat around their apartment and talked one evening, most of the population had small dingy apartments. They tried to impress upon me the notion that there just was no 'incentive' to succeed or do well in communist countries. To them, socialism was the wrong form of government. I was young during that trip. I observed the armed guards and barbed wire on the fences. I observed the population stuck in a general overall sort of poverty. I believed in capitalism before this trip, but this reinforced the eminent notion that capitalism is far superior to any form of collectivism which suppresses the individual. Thanks for your dialog!


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