Monday, August 17, 2009

Letter to Senator Specter I just sent

Dear Senator Specter.

I read in "The Hill" that: 'Arlen Specter still maintains that the Americans expressing frustration at these healthcare town hall meetings are not "representative" of America.'

I respectfully disagree. I watched a few of those townhalls telecast on PCN. Many of the attendees who were skeptical of a public government controlled healthcare seemed sincere, and were definitely better informed than those against.

What about debt, we who are skeptical are also concerned about the devastating affect this program will have on the public debt, and my daughter and future generations will be adversely affected.

There is also the matter of liberty. How can a government mandate health care for the individual. That goes against our founding father's notion of liberty. Sure, provide some opportunity for all, a level playing field, but government cannot guarantee success. That is up to the individual.

Please reconsider your thoughts on this so called 'representative of America' comment. We are representative of America. America is basically a conservative in values nation. Yes, because of the media many liberals do get elected, but when it comes down to brass tacks, we are truly conservative, especially with economic and matters of a balanced budget.

Thanks in advance.


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