Thursday, August 13, 2009

If it ain't broke, dont' fix it, leave the 90% of us alone: Fix the 15 million

A liberal contends:
What I've heard ad infinitum is if you like the Medicare program you have now, you can keep it.  This new program is for the 45 million who are totally uninsured.

No actually, several of this liberal's facts are wrong.

1). I don't particularly like Medicare, it is fraught with much fraud; but I can live with it, what choice do I have.

2). 45 million, that number is unsubstantiated, but even if it is close; of that 45 M, it is said that 1/3 of that number includes illegal immigrants. I will not tolerate health insurance for illegal immigrants, period. 1/3 of that number is young people who CHOOSE to be uninsured because they are healthy: that's liberty. And 1/3 indeed don't have INSURANCE because they cannot get it.

Let's address that last group, the 15 million that don't have INSURANCE who might need it down the road.  But the startling thing is that they don't need INSURANCE, they might need healthcare. And in fact, most of those poor or others that don't have INSURANCE DO INDEED GET HEALTHCARE at hospitals, for critical care.  MOST hospitals will treat those patients now, and write down that cost. There are also drug stores now that have nurse practitioners for affordable health advice and partial treatment.

3). This is the biggest misnomer of all: yes, the Pelosi house plan will indeed cover 45 million uninsured with government insurance, BUT, it will ALSO take over everyones management of healthcare, the 90% of us who already have insurance and healthcare will be AFFECTED, and usually that affect will be a negative affect.

We don't need to fix what isn't broken, so leave the 90% of us alone. Fix the 15 million alone.


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