Friday, August 14, 2009

Specter Townhall in Kittaning

The Specter town hall yesterday was televised later on that PCN channel. I caught one really good commenter asking a question, he was really good,
an elderly gentleman with a great style in presentation. I might try to find it on youtube.

to paraphrase:  
"I don't want just anyone cracking open my chest, I want the best. Doctor's costs are quite high for a reason, because to get that kind of care it cost money for good equipment, well trained people, etc.
If you have a rate schedule for doctors, won't that be a disinsentive for the best and brightest to become doctors?"

Specters short answer: "many people are idealists, and you will get those to be doctors"

Ha ! Does he really have any idea about economics?

Most of the rest of the questions were a bunch of moochers that wanted free health care for no cost. Specter told them they'd get it. Socialism!


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