Monday, August 17, 2009

The worst president we've ever had

A Thank-You Note to the President
Matthew S Harrison
Dear Mr. President,

I thought it an opportune time to write you and say thanks!  I am a conservative, voted for McCain, and have voted straight conservative since reaching voting age.  You are probably thinking, "Why is a conservative thanking me?"

Well, I'll tell you -- and I am sorry if I gush:  

First, thank-you for going back on every single campaign promise you made!

Second, thanks for not closing GITMO yet, what with so many terrorists already released, going back to the battle fields to kill our troops and all-another great decision -- so far.

Third, thank you for continuing wire-taps and electronic intrusions into communications between American Citizens and Foreign Nationals!  The ACLU is not exactly loving you!

Fourth, thank-you insulating the Democrats in Congress from any intrusion from across the aisle, and by doing so, taking the full blame for everything wrong with our country.

Fifth, thank-you for further discrediting left wing race-mongering. Bringing racial profiling into the discussion of Skip Gates' arrest.  Socialism is the new "N" word-Brilliant!

Sixth, Thanks for bringing the Chicago Machine to the Department of Education.  That should work out well for you.  Voucher anyone?

Seventh, thank-you for telling us that you advocate a single payer system.   Can you say sound bites?

Like Chris Matthews, I too get a chill up my leg every time you speak to the masses.  When you turn on TOTUS and regurgitate speeches penned for you by your cabal of radicals, looking left and right in  that hypnotic rhythm,  you remind the electorate of the colossal mistake they made last November.  A mistake that will haunt them all for the next three years, as if they all had bodies hidden in their crawl-spaces.

So, thank you Mr. President!  From the bottom of my heart.  You are the best, worst president we ever had!

Matthew S. Harrison


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