Tuesday, September 08, 2009

PresBO's speech to school kids in school

Neil Boortz misses the point entirely. Most school age children won't remember the speech itself. So it doesn't matter what president Obama really says. What they will remember is his face and his voice. And that, to say the least, is inappropriate, as the kids will hound their parents in 2012, and say things like: but how can you say that about him, he's such a nice guy. Any parent who keeps their kid home should do so, simply for this reason. Parents alone should shape their kids future, especially with values and moral judgments.

Will PresBO be wearing this when he makes the speech?

by Neal Boortz

Today at noon Barack Obama addresses the nation's schoolchildren .. or a good number of them anyway. Many students won't hear the speech because of a rather severe miscalculation from the right...So now the speech is out. As of yesterday afternoon you could read it on the Internet. I've read it, and if there is anything in there that I wouldn't want my child to have heard from a U.S. President, I certainly couldn't find it.  Egad! The speech is innocuous! ... Republicans look like fools.


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