Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Way cool: Compressed Air Cars

The Compressed Air Engines

The fruit of more than ten years of researches, MDI's mono-energy engines operate on a totally eco-friendly basis using compressed air stored at high pressure.

These engines are used on vehicles designed for urban use, backup generators or industrial tractors. They are particularly tailored for applications where the torque has an importance and when an averagely moderate power is needed.   

Together with the zero pollution engines, some other versions having the same technical basis have also been created by MDI, they are known as the dual-energy engines. In the case of dual-energy engines, an energetic adjuvant (petrol, diesel, oil, alcohol or gas) is burned in an external continuous combustion chamber. These dual-energy engines have more range and the amount of toxic gases released is very low.

  • Less than two Liters per hundred Kilometers (at 90 Km/h for MiniFlowAIR)
  • Zero  NOx,
  • 3 to 4000 times less unburned HC compared to conventional engines.
  • 3 times less C02 emissions in comparison to classic engines.

These engines will be fitted on production generators. Regarding the vehicles that will be operated using these engines; there will be no pollution when used in towns as they would be operating on the 'compressed air mode' only. 
On the motorway these engines provide a good range thanks to the combustion of the liquid or gas adjuvant.

Finally based on this new technology, MDI has imagined and developed a « thermodynamic theory » which will give rise to further improvement in the years to come, thus creating a real energetic revolution. 

All MDI engines have an active chamber and are protected worldwide by patents. 
They can be used for a wide range of applications, varying from 4 to 75 hp.
The engines will be used in the following: 

  • Urban transporters
  • MDI's eco-friendly cars (OneFlowAIRMiniFlowAIR and CityFlowAIR)
  • MDI's urban transporters (MultiFlowAIR)
  • Production and backup generators
  • Tow tractors and fork-lifts
  • Agricultural tractors
  • Boat engine
  • Light aircraft engine


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