Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WSJ: Can you hear me now?

Can You Hear Me Now: The Transportation Department today convenes a two-day summit in an effort to tackle the safety challenges posed by distracted driving - especially texting and cell-phone use behind the wheel. In August, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he would support a ban on texting while driving, as 16 states have done, and New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer has proposed legislation that would withhold federal highway funds from states that don't ban texting behind the wheel. One big question hanging over everything: Do bans on texting and handheld cell phone use have any impact, and can they be enforced?

Here's an idea... Many automobile manufacturers have recently produced cars with windshield wipers that stop when the car stops, so as to extend the lifetime of the windshield wiper. Why not produce cars with a device installed that blocks cellphones when a car is moving, and only allow transmissions when the car is stopped? I'm all for freedom, but safety on the highway comes first. In this respect, a moving vehicle in traffic is a privilege, and a cell phone is a hazard.


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