Monday, September 21, 2009

Where is the incentive to work harder?

To Mr. Boortz's quote I would add, where is the incentive to work? When Obama takes money from business, large and small, he is reducing the incentive for businesses to hire more people. When he takes money from individuals, he is reducing the incentive for them to work harder to advance themselves. When business and individuals advance themselves, society as a whole advances, and everyone, including the lowest income brackets, makes out. More jobs are created, and the economy thrives. When I challenge the premise of Obama's statement, I do so by asking: How do we balance a perceived need to 'look after one another' with our need to maintain incentive to work harder? Free markets with limited government works well to harbor incentive. Big government destroys incentive. Just look to the Soviet Union and their satellite nations before they switched to capitalism. Lack of incentive makes everyone poor, except the leaders and politicians.

"You need to correct your premise, Mr. President. You don't balance freedom against our need to look after one another. Freedom is paramount. When people use their freedom to make the wrong choices and end up in need, they must rely on the private charitable efforts of individuals, service organizations, churches, synagogues and mosques. Once you have a government that is powerful enough to seize property from one individual solely for the purpose of transferring it to another .. freedom is in grave jeopardy." -- Neal Boortz in response to Obama's statement:

How do we balance our freedom with our need to "look after one another"?


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