Monday, March 29, 2010

California scraps stupid reflective coating rule that would increase fuel consumption.

It's a good thing that they scrapped this ridiculous regulation and mandate on auto manufacturers. Not only would it hurt the economy, but it was also another instance of government treading on our liberties.

But I simply contend that it wouldn't have helped reduce fuel consumption at all.

Let's say it's the middle of winter, and the car now reflects most radiation. Wouldn't that cause fuel consumption to go up! Simply because the heater has to work harder to heat the car, thus consuming more fuel?

Stupid, that's what liberals are - just plain stupid.


unday, March 28, 2010

Sanity! California scraps moonbat 'cool cars' regulation

No shortage of moonbattery in California, which has targeted everything from plasma TVs (now banned), to the color of cars (California: stop global warming by making black cars illegal!). On the national level, California politicians in the U.S. House want to impose their moonbat tech on the entire nation: Save Us From Global Warming - Make Everything Chrome. Because - you know - the economy is so strong right now that milking the private sector for money won't be a big deal. In a time of economic calamity in California, they were focusing instead on regulations that will hurt private industry and destroy jobs to fight a perceived problem that doesn't exist. The proposed regulation was to coat all car windows with UV-reflecting glaze. Any electromagnetic radiation impinging upon a surface can do only one of 3 things: 1) pass through (transmitted), 2) be absorbed by the surface, or 3) be reflected by said surface.

The UV glaze will reflect more of the UV so as to heat the car less, and thereby save the planet from global warming or something. Unfortunately, it will also partially reflect cell phone signals. Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs you know. The effort will cost more than it's worth (not to mention the environmental impact of manufacturing the glaze), and consumers will not recoup the extra cost of the glazing in less air conditioning usage. But hey - it was for a good cause: good liberal intentions. Fortunately, moonbats actually showed a small modicum of reason in scrapping the proposed regulation. From The Detroit News: California scraps 'cool cars' rules. The big reason for the regulation being overturned before it was set to be finalized in May 2010 was that law enforcement (The California Police Chiefs Association, California State Sheriffs Association, Crime Victims United of California, among others) complained not only of the cell phone signal degradation, but the signal from ankle-bracelet monitors that felons wear. Also, the signal from EZ-Pass transmitters would also have degraded leading to possible logjams on freeways.
California scrapped its "cool cars" rules Thursday, a victory for automakers who had opposed the new requirements.

Under pressure from law enforcement in the state and others, the California Air Resources Board canceled the regulations that were adopted in June and set to be finalized by May 7. The plan aimed to sharply reduce heat in vehicles to in turn lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In a statement, the board noted many groups had raised issues involving performance of electronic devices and public safety. "Instead, the board will pursue a performance-based approach as part of its vehicle climate change program," the board said.
Good grief - so that's not the end of it? Do these people not have other things to do like get the economy going again in California? If California's state budget is so large that they spare change to fund these busy-bodies that only think of ways to kill the economy, then I have at least one cut to suggest that will surely pay for itself.


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