Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chart: Economic history linked to political fortunes

March 2010 - Market still far from it's peak, but recovering. Jobs, however, are still not to be had, and unemployment remains at 10%, real unemployment is 17%

March 2009 - Those 'rich' able to sell in the last 6 or 7 months had taken enough profit, and sufficient jobs had be sliced (10% unemployment) to warrant putting some capital back into the markets. Don't feel that those 'rich' had somehow made out, because they were cutting their losses. They would have preferred the market to stay where it was.

Sep 2008 - When it became eminently apparent Obama would win the presidency, stocks began to plummet. Remember that the Stock Market is a forward looking predictive tool.

2003 - Bush tax cuts take effect, reverses market up to 2007 when Democrats take the House of Representatives and Senate.

9/11 2001 - Stocks plummet

Jan, 2001 - Bush wins presidency. It was not apparent, because the vote was very tight, and recounts take several months.


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