Friday, June 04, 2010

Casey tries to block Marcellus Shale drilling

Bob Casey, D(uh)-PA, Cluelessly Obeys Eco-Nazi Plan To Keep Jobs And Energy From Fellow Pennsylvanians

When the first woodcarvers crafted Cigar Store Indians, they must have been having visions of Robert Casey Jr. This guy, who has never had an original thought in his entire life, is so bereft of personality he makes Algore look like Russell Brand.

But like Algore, he thinks he can cash in on the "Green Economy." So at the behest of his Eco-fascist pimps, Casey–with Chuck Schumer–is pushing legislation to kill the biggest boom in the state's history–the extracting the lion's share of 300 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from the massive Marcellus Shale deposit.

"We will not allow an out-of-state company to come to Pennsylvania and contaminate the groundwater of our residents.  Three million Pennsylvanians rely on wells for their drinking water.  We must ensure adequate safeguards are in place to protect this most basic necessity for Pennsylvanians."

If Casey would just shut his monotonous pie hole, many of those Pennsylvanians will make out like the Clampetts by leasing the mineral rights under their Green and Westmoreland County hovels to gas companies. In the event of an accident contaminating their property, they could sue, make more money, and have the companies clean up the mess. It's a trial lawyer's dream.

But noooooooooooooo. Casey wants the EPA to shut them down with complaints based on bullshit and bad science. The EPA using bad science? A regulatory end-run around the legislature? Why is that familiar? Wait, it'll come to me.

Anyway, Bullshit #1: The shale deposits are well below 5,000 feet. The water table doesn't even reach 500 feet.

Bullshit # 2: The widow Molecule developed terminal stupidity because her water was contaminated by the evil chemicals® pumped into the ground.

"There has never been any evidence of fracking (hydraulically fracturing the shale to release the gas) ever causing direct contamination of fresh groundwater in Pennsylvania or anywhere else"–Scott Perry, PA DEP, (Scranton Times-Tribune, 4/2/10).

Oh yeah, the composition of those evil chemicals®:  99.5 percent water and everyday playground sand, along with other additives commonly found in ice cream, gummy bears and peanut butter.

So how much more of this is bullshit? Well, while this asshole is trying to kill domestic energy production–and thousands of direct and secondary employment opportunities–His Wholly Reluctance God/King Obama is exporting fracking technology to ChinaFrom (one side of) his own mouth in November:

A Shale Gas Initiative, will allow the U.S. and China to use experience gained in the United States to assess China's shale gas potential, promote environmentally-sustainable development of shale gas resources, conduct joint technical studies to accelerate development of shale gas resources in China, and promote shale gas investment in China through the U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum, study tours, and workshops.

You know, If we could just extract the methane from all this bullshit, we'd have it made.

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  1. and, sadly, he'll prolly get reelected


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