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Fwd: Campaign 2010: New Faces Reign...

Wow, what backward logic!

&&& I do not favor oversized government which is not held accountable to a reasonable degree of efficient operation, (

This is the only statement of yours that has any truth or logic.

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Mik wrote:

&&Interesting spin you have….ignore the facts….re-caste suspicion on the wise…


From: punky

Well Miki....

> I see three faces I would not look at…

..and of the one I would look at…


So you are practicing discrimination against those three faces that you would not look at? Is this based on 'looks'? How tolerant are you being?


&& the article, (loosely), is about how these new faces 'reign'… reaction was figurative….you probably assumed again…..which face I would 'look at'….and you would be wrong because you would base it on 'looks' when I was basing it on substance. Carly Fiorina is the one I would 'loot at'…based on her leadership ability within the ranks of HP….(that is of course right before she turned into a criminal and condoned illegal corporate behavior). Guess you were wrong on this one. While I am at it…as a matter of record and my opinion…I need have no tolerance of  ignorance and the premise of 'tea party activism' is built on hatred, intolerance, greed and unpopular political leaders taking advantage of the ignorance of less educated people.


> I would not listen to… 


Who would you not listen to an opponent. Perhaps if you would listen, you might be influenced by, and perhaps that is what you are trying to avoid?  Go ahead and put your head in the sand.


&& I have heard the Palin / tea party dribble and by association, those who give her undeserved credibility are either uninformed or manipulated; I refuse to be either.


> As a British subject, 


You are as much an American citizen as is Obama. He set the precedent that you don't have to actually be born here to be eligible to be president. Therefore I grant you citizenship. You are welcome.


&& Perhaps I can say that you are as much of an American citizen as President Obama…except he actually has done something for the country at the highest leadership level, empowering people to take control of their lives…you…..have not done much to support the administration that looks to serve you. I may need to revoke your citizenship…maybe it would have been better that you were born out of the country…you could understand how it works better.


> they have ruined forever what core good feelings I have held for true 'tea parties'….


This logic is really backwards.  The first tea parties perhaps gave good feelings to rebels in the American Colonies, but the English or British certainly didn't have any good feelings when those rebel events took place.  Today's tea parties are not violent or criminal as were the originals several hundred years ago. Today's tea parties are simply metaphors for our dislike for government tyranny. Tyranny because the Bush taxes are being increased in 2011. Tyranny because of the huge deficits and debt, which is NOT being addressed, and thus is dragging down our economy.


 &&& the economy was swimming with the tidy bowl man…..Bush flushed our resources away in foolish ventures of world domination. He did NOTHING for the infrastructure or building of the economy, or technology, or education and sat on the destruction of the mortgage industry and the stock market. The tyranny was Bush holding the purse strings hostage and doing nothing beneficial for the country.


Admit it, you are being outwardly intolerant to the rank and file 'normal' Americans who do not like big government. Yet you are secretly inwardly drawn to our movement, especially with leaders like Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley.


&&&I do not favor oversized government which is not held accountable to a reasonable degree of efficient operation, (meaning both the size/cost, bang for the buck factor and the worthiness of the program to help Americans). I do not mindlessly protest against government because I want to blame someone for my lack of muster and don't understand that by choosing countless undereducated and inexperienced people like Palin, I am saying that I do NOT seek greatness from my country or expect a government that knows how to serve it's people.


On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 10:38 AM,  Miki  wrote:

I see three faces I would not look at…..and of the one I would look at…I would not listen to… As a British subject, they have ruined forever what core good feelings I have held for true 'tea parties'….


Palin's backing pays off big time!!!

Note how many tea party candidates have won.


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