Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Thing We Do Is Kill all the Lawyers

You want to see why I hate trial lawyers? Our medical malpractice system costs Americans, insurers, and the government $56 billion in increased costs every year.

front line defenders of democracy, the law profession, have gone wild, and now instead of defending democracy, they are turning our representative republic into a socialist totalitarian state, where we can't even afford the heath insurance that many don't even need, and are now forced to purchase.

Freedom means that we don't necessarily need or want this kind of villainy forcing insurance and mandates upon us. If Shakespeare were alive today, his play Henry VI would have a part III, and take a somewhat different view of who the villains truly are, and they are not the people who reject the tyranny, as it was in his play, it is indeed the tyrants that want to control and repress the people, the ruling class.


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