Friday, September 17, 2010

Re: Why does Biden have to campaign against O'Donnell?

'concerned and diligent enough to consider qualification a necessity for high-ranking office'

So that's why these un-concerned American people elected a radical left-wing community organizer as president?

I guess it was historic, after all.

Historic in the sense that we've never before elected a no-nothing, teleprompter-reading, Alinskyite radical who loathes the American system of limited government and a robust economy based on capitalism that actually boot-straps every class of individuals to more prosperity than any other nation. We've never before embraced a socialist thief who adheres to so-called 'social-justice' even though that means stealing from everyone, including the middle class, to squander that money on the so-called 'poor', and in reality it's his goal to destroy business in general, and to super-size the government including the pensions of every government worker, which he hopes will some day include just about every American.

His trickle-up poverty is working just fine.

To me the best qualification for congress is being patriotic and adhering to fiscally responsible measures. oh, and listing to the will of the people.

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 9:02 AM, Dude wrote:

I blame the American people for not being concerned and diligent enough to consider qualification a necessity for high-ranking office. Getting a mail sorter job with the US Postal service seems to be harder than rolling into a senate seat.


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Yeah, the D's are running scared.  They have good reason to when the R'nerds are dumb enough to elect morons to office.  Look at the fools they've elected in the past.  They think ignorant uneducated people will make good leaders and they have proven they can get them elected in this country, Sarah Palin and O'Donnell being prime examples of  know-nothing's getting into office, not to mention Bush and Huckabee.  When you have the ability to make brainless idiots look good and parade them as knowing what's best for the country, it is indeed a scary situation.  That, more than anything else, is what is bringing America down, an electorate that can't distinguish between mediocrity and intelligent leadership.  The Tea-party idiots are the biggest threat to the country.


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Vice President Biden will reportedly hit the campaign trail for Democrat Chris Coons, and Obama may visit before long. If O'Donnell's a sure loser, why do the top two Democrats in the country need to campaign against her?

Ha Ha.
The DummycRats are running scared! And they should, after what they've done to the economy.


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