Thursday, November 04, 2010

Re: healthcare bill brought down the Dems

It's funny, a couple of days before the election, Obama, as he has said all along, indicated that he doesn't want the Republicans to open their mouths. He wants the R's to ride in the back of the Bus.

Pelosi and Reid consistently shut the R's out of every important committee meeting for health care and cap 'n tax. THEY WOULDN'T even let the R's make amendments to the bills, which is a precedent, that's never been denied before. Obama had a health care summit before the bill was passed in Massachusetts where Rep. Paul Ryan spoke directly with the president and asked him how a socialist takeover could be paid for. He proposed his own measures to be taken into consideration WITH the Democrat proposal, and the president summarily rejected them. The R's were completely shut out, IN FACT, they were not even allowed to read the bill until a very short time before the vote took place. The people of America were shut out as well. Millions called their congressmen to express outrage, but the D's passed it anyway, WITHOUT a single R vote. No wonder, polls showed that the majority of Americans didn't want the bill the D's passed. Sure, they wanted some provision, like portability, tort reform, out of state shopping/competition and keeping offspring on plans up to age 25. Beyond that, the majority didn't want the mandates, IRS involvement or the 2000+ page boondoggle which will vastly grow the size of government - we all know that government can't even efficiently run the post office or a DMV, let alone 1/5 of the U.S. economy. They didn't listen to us and they were fired for it.

Now, the day after the election, Obama says he wants to work with the Republicans. HA. Don't believe it for a moment.

The day of reckoning has happened, and now it's time to SHUT THE D's out of the process. Payback is a bitch! If they have to, they WILL shut down the government UNTIL Obama capitulates. I welcome that day, in fact, I savor it!

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Dude wrote:

No…it was the repulidummies who threw fud on the process and badmouthed a historic bill to curb increasing costs of healthcare and make health care coverage available for many who would have lived without…including children.


Subject: healthcare bill brought down the Dems


Indeed the consensus is that it was the healthcare bill that brought down the Dems.


They Democrat advisers on cable tonight are saying that even though they advised the Dems to hold back a bit on the bill, the leaders like Reid and Pelosi went full bore ahead thinking that "once the American people see what is in the bill, they will love it"


The Dem leaders were wrong. For the most part the people did not love the bill. They hate it, in the form it was constructed, like with the individual mandate, and the other onerous mandates on business. One side effect: rates are going up next year already.


What they ignored were the town hall meetings, like the one that Specter held with people literally screaming at them with their concerns, and the pompous Dems handwaved the concerns away with ridiculous claims.


Remember Specter saying that Doctors will work for much less pay because the are altruistic. Rediculous.

Remember them saying that the $500 Billion that the bill takes out of Medicare won't hurt or reduce coverage for senious.


Give me a break.


And the chickens are coming home to roost...


Loosing 61+ seats is the biggest loss since the 1930's -- It's one big time repudiation for Obama/Pelosi/Reid and their policies.



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