Thursday, December 02, 2010

Will the president/congress use WikiLeaks as pretext to control the internet

I just read some interesting comments about how the WikiLeaks might be used by government...

I wouldn't put it past the Democrats to try to control the internet under the pretext that they would be able to stop WikiLeaks type content in the future. They've already infringed on our rights via the TSA and gropathons at airports. And what about McCain/Feingold which limits free speech before elections.

What about 'shall not infringe' free speech, do the Demoncrats not understand?

I also might add that this administration probably didn't even try to stop the WikiLeaks -- it's a win-win for Obama: HeĀ embarrassesĀ his number 1 potential competitor in the 2012 primary: Hillary; and he can use it in the future to take over the internet.
  • It seems important to me

    that the Wikileaks matter

    is not used as an excuse to

    control the internet

  • Exactly. But it will be presented as such. Just as someone with a bomb in his BVDs was used to put people through an X-ray or grope-down. Or some unwashed produce has been used to take over our food production/farming the other day.

    No pattern here, eh?


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