Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dennis Miller

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"Back in the day, comedian Dennis Miller was a comedy force to be reckoned with. His HBO series-- Dennis Miller Live-- was one of the most consistently funny, best-written shows on television (and a damn fine talk show, to boot), his time on SNL included a successful run behind the "Weekend Update" desk, and his HBO specials were mandatory viewing for anyone that liked their comedy packed with obscure references, biting commentary, and-- at the time-- an absurdly-high joke-to-bullseye ratio. Yes,  Dennis Miller was awesome."

This is some of the best comedy I have seen from Dennis Miller in a long time and I believe is sardonic, cutting edge comedy that is laugh out loud funny, albeit politically incorrect. Miller makes fun of those you aren't supposed to make fun of. He brings some degree of levity to a very serious subject.

How can one so keenly
of the comedy of Dennis Miller over the years not appreciate the "biting commentary, obscure references", pointed comedy that Miller presents on his recent HBO special "The Big Speech." This clip is so provocative and truthfully funny as to bring one back to the comedy of Dennis Miller's "Weekend Update". This comedy cuts to the quick and will make a lot of organizations angry. I suspect a fatwa to be issued any day now. Dennis Miller is a comedic genius and a very brave soul.

"The most serious things are often said in jest."


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