Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama's budget is "debt on arrival"

ABC News reports:

Republicans like House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan didn't want to pronounce President Obama's 2012 budget proposal dead on arrival before it was unveiled. Now that the budget has been released, they're calling it something else. 

"Debt on arrival. D-E-B-T on arrival," Ryan said at a press conference today. "Look, he raises spending everywhere. He raises taxes everywhere, increases borrowing. The trajectory of this budget is in the wrong direction. It would be better if we did nothing than actually pass this budget." 

"Our problem is we are running out of road to keep kicking this can down," Ryan said. "And so what did we just get today? We got a punt. The president punted on the budget and he punted on the deficit and on the debt. That's not leadership."


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