Thursday, August 18, 2011

Re: Save us Sarah!

How about this refrain:

Save us, anyone, from Obama!

Obama gave us a peek at his "new" economic plan, to be rolled out after "Labor" Day (kind of ironic) which includes all the usual suspects, including having the rich pay a little bit more. Butt now it even looks like that plan might have a few holes in it:

millionaires go missingSource: WSJ

Yikes! Where are all our millionaires and billionaires who can afford to pay a little more going? 39% reduction in people making $1 million or more? WTF? How's that going to work? Bueller? Anyone?

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 1:50 PM, dude wrote:
The facts...there was only one reason people put those mags was so they could share giant hater of stupid women had a conspiracy under construction. second, sarah looks ok for her worse...nothing amazing enough to continue discussion.....certainly not worthy of a sweaty morning....  bachmann on the other hand, looks bad on her cover.....because she is unattractive..again, nothing further to say more on....but unless she is shoveling snow from my driveway.....she could not hope for a sweaty morning with me either. final thought......imagine the dire straits of anyone to utter 'save us sarah'....they may simply be indiscriminately looking to her for a kidney transplant...or to borrow 20 bucs

On Thu Aug 18th, 2011 12:45 PM EDT indi wrote:

>Oh, this reminds me of the following.
>Last week at work there were a few Newsweek magazines that some liberal
>placed on a table by the microwave.
>One had a picture of Bachmann which looked terrible - an obvious attempt by
>the liberals at Newsweek to deride her.
>Another cover had a picture of Sarah Palin which looked good, but then, it's
>hard to have a bad picture of her.
>On the cover some other person, I presume, later wrote with a marker: "Save
>us Sarah!".
>I laughed out loud because the liberal who put the Newsweek there to
>disparage Sarah was probably mad at that. Later the next day that issue was
>gone, but the rest still remained - ha ha ha ha ha!
>So my refrain is the same: "Save us Sarah!" Save us all from Obama and his
>attempts to destroy the USA.
>This was written by a Democrat and former Hillary supporter...
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