Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wah: Obambi too busy to fully prepare for debates

Did you know that Obambi is simply too busy to fully prepare for the debates?


President Obama will head to Henderson, Nev., on Sunday for three days of debate prep behind closed doors, ABC News has learned. While he is there he will also hold one grassroots rally and likely make some unscheduled local stops in the evening, a campaign official said.

Meanwhile, less than a week before Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney face-off in Denver, the debate expectations game is in full swing.

Team Obama is laying it on heavy that the president may be the less-prepared candidate because of the demands of his office.

"The President will have a little bit of time to review and practice before the debates, but he has had to balance the management of world events, governing, time out campaigning and will have less time than we anticipated to sharpen and cut down his tendency to give long, substantive answers," Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told ABC News.

paleeease spare me your river of tears lame stream media. 

The media will try to save him no matter what he says or does. And they are already trying to 'Lower our expectations'.

 Good luck with that.


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