Tuesday, May 12, 2015

National Debt: Can You Explain It In 10 Seconds?

Yeah: Dummycrats spend more that we have on useless crap!

There are so many ways to talk about the 10-year balanced budget plan Congress passed last week – the first blueprint of its kind since 2001.

But when a 16-year old blogger asked Speaker Boehner, "Can you explain this debt to me so I can explain it to my friends?," he went with a more straightforward approach. Take a look.

Over seven years, President Obama has NEVER proposed a budget that balances.  But now, just four months into the new Congress, Republicans have worked together to pass the first joint 10-year balanced budget since 2001.  

As former Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote last week, "The comparison between undisciplined, out-of-control spending and a pro-growth plan to cut spending and reduce the size and scope of the federal government should hearten every conservative."
Of course, this budget is just a blueprint, and as we continue to build on it, it's worth putting in perspective  – as Speaker Boehner did here -- why this work is so important.



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