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The GOPe Plan If You Remove Donald Trump

Good article proving that the GOPe (Establishment Rs inside the beltway, not us voters in the heartland) is against us. It will be interesting to see if this writer's predictions pan out.

The GOPe Plan If You Remove Donald Trump….

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As the weeks go by it is becoming increasingly apparent that a profound disconnect exists amid a very large portion of the current year electorate regarding the goals and objectives of the apparatus we call the GOPe.

The group within the Republican party apparatus affectionately known as the "establishment", or GOPe, does not now – nor do they ever – consider the progressive side of the political continuum, Democrats, as their enemy.

The enemy of the GOPe is the conservative base within the republican party.

GOP primary 2

If the GOPe lose a presidential election to a progressive democrat nothing amid their sphere of consequence changes.  However, if the GOPe lose a presidential election to a conservative, independent, or constitutional republican – everything changes.

To understand how this evidences itself you need only travel to the most visible member of the Lee Attwater lineage, Karl Rove.  When you understand Rove's objectives toward fulfilling the goals and aspirations of the GOPe, you understand where the path leads.

Karl RoveEXAMPLE – In 2010 Christine O'Donnell won the Republican Primary Delaware Senate race, defeating GOPe candidateMike Castle.  Castle was a long-term House member of the GOPe network.   Castle's campaign was spearheaded by Karl Rove.

When O'Donnell defeated Castle, Rove was furious.   Democrat Chris Coons was now going to be O'Donnell's opponent in the November '10 general election.

Again, as previously stated, the GOPe would rather lose to a progressive democrat than a conservative vulgarian like O'Donnell.

As a consequence Karl Rove began immediately working to plant negative information in the media bloodstream.  Simultaneously the RNC apparatus instructed the Delaware Republican party to remove financial/logistical support for O'Donnell's general election race.

Former Delaware GOP Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell Attends Tea Party RallyThe Rove effort worked, O'Donnell was painted as a "Wiccan wing-nut" (remember "I'm not a witch"), and Chris Coons won the general election.

However, due to Tea Party diligence and a general uprising of the electorate around ObamaCare, there was a large number of conservative wins.  President Obama's mid-term "Shellacking", took place.

The House of Representatives flipped from Democrat control to Republican control.

The 2010 election outcome set up a post election lame-duck feeding frenzy of Democrat activity spurred by their massive losses.  In an effort to spend as much as possible before they lost the House of Reps, in December '10 a spending bill known as "The Massive Porkulous" was created.  All of the exiting Democrats voted in favor of it, along with, you guessed it, Republican MIKE CASTLE of Delaware.

Castle essentially had nothing to lose, and was able to evidence his inherent ideology.  Was he, at his core, a conservative; or was he a big government progressive?  Obviously, by voting for "Porkulous" Castle showed his ideological alignment.

This simple example shows what lies behind the mask of many members of congress who are in reality essentially the same as Democrats.  Or put another way, the GOPe.

mcconnell-cornynThe GOPe would rather lose to a like-minded progressive, than see a constitutional conservative take office.  If the GOPe lose to a Democrat, nothing changes; they are still around, only perhaps the minority party.  However, if the GOPe lose to a conservative they are most likely out of a job.

The Delaware example of Karl Rove in 2010 shows you the set up for future races in 2012 and what many people didn't understand at the time.  The GOPe worked earnestly to remove all possibilities of a 2012 vulgarian insurgency and retain their place at the trough.

This Delaware 2010 example also highlights the motives and intents behind what took place in 2014 in Virginia where the GOPe actively worked, through the same methods deployed against O'Donnell to remove Ken Cuccinelli.

Further evidence toward the severity within the GOPe approach was displayed in Mississippi with the railroading of Chris McDaniel.

In the Mississippi example the GOPe paid for racist attack ads against McDaniel to save GOPe member Senator Thad Cochran, the incumbent.  The GOPe even went as far as paying Democrats to vote in the 2nd primary for Cochran.   McDaniel won the majority of the Republican vote, but lost the overall primary because of Democrat votes (Mississippi is an open primary state).

Boehner McConnellAgain, this history is only re-visited because in 2015/2016 so many people just don't understand who the enemy is in the current primary race and candidate field.

The GOPe do not consider Democrats the enemy.

The GOPe consider conservatives the enemy.  Repeat this as many times as needed to understand what Karl Rove is doing right now.

Just like the GOPe have done in every race over the past three election cycles, Karl Rove is positioning every aspect of the primary board on behalf of the GOPe.  This means there are 3 essential enemies:  Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.  The outliers are now irrelevant (Rand Paul, Rick Santorum).

The GOPe favorable candidate is Jeb Bush.

The GOPe primary tools, to achieve their candidate success, are players within their apparatus we have called "splitters":  Marco Rubio (FL), Carly Fiorina (VA), Mike Huckabee (AR), Chris Christie (NJ), Lindsey Graham (SC), George Pataki (NY), John Kasich (OH) and Jim Gilmore (VA).  All of these people are party loyalists, party insiders, and part of the larger republican party apparatus.

This 2015/16 strategy (Jeb Bush) is similar to what took place in 2011/12 (Mitt Romney).

Specifically, if you remove Donald Trump, Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain – Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush replaces Mitt Romney.

The goal of the GOPe plan is to deliver that outcome.

However, HERE'S WHERE PEOPLE GET REALLY CONFUSED.  In order to get to the target position, Jeb winning, the primary enemies AND TOOLS will individually be eliminated using opposition research planted by Rove just like he did in Delaware against O'Donnell.

Regardless of who you hold up as your favorite candidate you must know Rove's opposition research in advance and be aware when/if it is deployed.

Everyone gets hung up arguing about Donald Trump….

So,..for the sake of this intellectual exercise remove Donald Trump from the equation – that's the current goal of Operation Hummingbird.  Just imagine Hummingbird was a resounding success and Trump is no longer in the race.

Based on current distribution (poll internals) perhaps it would look similar to this:

Estimated poll distributions with Trump removed

Estimated poll distributions with Trump removed

That's the absolute dream of the GOPe road map.

The above outcome is exactly what the designers (Rovian GOPe party planners) in 2014 had in mind for October 2015.  You can move some of the percentages around, take a few from Paul – give em to Cruz etc., but for the sake of argument this is roughly what could be reasonably considered and projected given current polling support, sans Trump.

Now, re-engage with Karl Rove and the GOPe scheme.  Remember, opposition research is used on your own party members (the enemy fist, the tools when needed) and is useless for the general election.  Democrats don't need to destroy any of these candidates, the GOPe will do that part.  The media is the delivery tool.

This is where the oppo-research (like Delaware '10, Mississippi, Virginia and Kentucky '14, etc.) comes into play.

If that image above was the outcome between now and in January of 2016, Jeb Bushwould be guaranteed a victory.  Wall Street would be thrilled right now – everything would be going according to plan.

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

As the primary dates close in:  One-by-one Karl Rove dumps chum in the media stream.  Only at first he he remains focused on the enemy, the non-GOPe:  Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and to a lesser extent Rand Paul – essentially the modified targets of the original "splitter strategy" as it was drawn up in 2014 with projected names.

Ben Carson is painted as a religious zealot with attachments to some whacky ideas and ideologies.  Fox news would be beating him up, not propping him up.  The Muslim Comments would be ruining him.  Attacks on his intellect and comparisons to him sitting across the table from Vladimir Putin etc. Isolate, Ridicule, Marginalize. He'd be gone in four days, tops.  Carson becomes Herman Cain

Then Ted Cruz.  The polarizing loner without friends in the Senate.  An island unto himself.  A snake oil salesman etc.  Unelectable in the general with absolutely horrific polling numbers against Hillary/Biden/Sanders.  Draw out attention to preachy Glenn Beck and David Barton who are connected to his dad Raphael Cruz.  Just go look at right-wing watch for a litany of opportunities for media to do the same number on him they did in 2013.  Only exponentially worse.   Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich.

Tamp down Rubio by slipping in the Norman Braman hiring Marco Rubio's wife story, and attach all of the cloudy vested financial interests – and you've got a worked up media gleefully tearing down a shaky house of cards.

$117,000,000 worth of protective wagons circling Jeb Bush at all times with plenty of Wall Street money flowing in to back it up if needed…..

♦ February 2016 – Iowa, then New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.  Bush holding solid #2 or #3 positions just like planned.

March 1st through March 15th all (by RNC/GOPe rule changes) proportional assigned primary races with the top three vote-getters in each congressional district splitting one electoral vote each.

March 1st – Texas: 155 Delegates (Open Primary) Alabama: 50 Delegates (Open Primary) Tennessee: 58 Delegates (Open Primary) Vermont: 16 Delegates (Open Primary) Arkansas: 40 Delegates (Open Primary) Georgia: 76 Delegates (Independents and Republicans) Massachusetts: 42 Delegates (Independents and Republicans) Oklahoma: 43 Delegates (Closed Primary) Virginia: 49 Delegates (Open Primary)

March 5th – Louisiana Primary: 46 Delegates (Closed Primary)

March 8th – Michigan: 59 Delegates (Closed Primary) Idaho: 32 Delegates (Caucus/Convention – Closed) Mississippi: 39 Delegates (Open Primary)

March 13th 2016 – Puerto Rico: 23 Delegates (Open Primary)

That's 14 states (including PR) in 13 days.   Top three finishers in each congressional district gets one delegate, and bonus delegates distributed to top finishers statewide.

Who do you think is winning given the field as it sits, in this fictional exercise without Trump?   Attacks Ads still ongoing…. and who still has gas (money) to go into March 15th?

March 15th – ♦ North Carolina: 72 delegates – proportional assignment per stateparty rule change last week – (Independents and Republicans)  ♦ Florida: 99 Delegates (Winner Take All) Closed Primary – ♦ Ohio: 66 Delegates (Winner take all) Independents and Republicans ♦ Illinois: 69 Delegates (Proportional) Open Primary

Jeb Bush pedigreeThat's how this plan was designed to roll out.

Remove Donald Trump and the GOPe road map gets right back on track.

Remove Donald Trump in 2015 and Ben Carson becomes Hermain Cain, Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush becomes Mitt Romney from 2012.

It's all by design.  All of it.

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