Saturday, December 19, 2015

Build a wall

I built a wall. This was a big beautiful large wooded fenced in area around my house so that my greyhound does not escape. But she gets away at least once a month anyway, at first because of weaknesses in the wall, and later, once I reinforce those, she finds gate-mishaps, where someone inadvertently leaves the gate ajar. 

So I go trudging through my hundred acre wood trying to catch her, and being a greyhound she's way faster than me, of course. My only hope is that it's daytime (she's black) and she stops often to sniff and explore the ground. And when I finally trap her in a stand of snags and fallen trees, I walk her way back home. 

Yet my adventure isn't over  because the eastern woods here are strewn with ticks from the deer. So we have to spend an hour, both of us, looking for ticks and ridding ourselves of them. And when one gets past my hunt, it bites me and is hard to remove, it's very painful and itchy. So I go to the doctor's to get antibiotics as a precaution against Lyme's disease, which I only pray and hope actually works. And the dog, I hope she's ok, she's got all her shots and I often apply ointment that rids her of fleas and ticks. 

Yet I know if she gets out the fenced in area, she'd surely take that opportunity again. Oh, and the wall, that's to keep her in, and to keep the deer out. And I'll have the deer pay for it.

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