Monday, December 21, 2015

Pan the crowds

Yesterday we shared a comment/question about Frank Luntz's focus group motives and intents.  KathyCA, a brilliant mind, shared some common sense in that regard, and deserves expansion:

Absolutely.  One of the main reasons Trump has such yuge support, imo, is because he's taken on the media and the GOPe on behalf of the average citizen who thinks the way he does but has become afraid to say so.

Like the CTH, he makes people realize they are NOT in a tiny, vulgar, misguided minority — indeed, they're not a minority at all. They've just been brainwashed to think so.

So Trump says "pan the crowds" — you're not alone! And Luntz tries to do the same in the opposite direction. Thankfully, Luntz's efforts haven't been effective, to say the least. (link)

trump rally tennessee 2

Kathyca is 100% spot on.  Donald Trump says to the media "pan the crowds", not because he wants to inflate his own ego or following, but rather because he needs YOU to see the visible representation that YOUR opinions and beliefs are widely held.

Trump is countering the MSM narrative which wants YOU to believe YOUR opinions are in the minority, and THEIR opinions as delivered are the MAJORITY.  This is how the corporate media influence you.


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