Thursday, August 17, 2006

Government won't put government in jail

I was driving with my daughter on country roads near home, and I thought how it was a shame for butterflies in particular, and perhaps birds too, like the common nighthawk, who depend on insects, that the township (and perhaps other townships too) cut the edges of all their roads in the first two weeks of August, rather than waiting until at least the middle of September when the birds perhaps will be beyond the peak of their migration. Then I mentioned to my 10 year old daughter that those who cut the edges of the road ought to wait a month. Right away she chimed in with "You know if there are endangered species of butterflies, and they are killed by whoever cut the sides of the roads, then they will go to jail." I, of course, agreed. But I tried to tell her that it was government that cut the roads, and government won't put government in jail for the endangered species act, only individuals. I did tell her, however, that it is a crying shame, even if the monarch butterflies are not endangered, that they won't even wait a month to do their cutting. She was adamant, however, that they would go to jail. I didn't argue further, I guess she learned that at school.

I asked a local supervisor if it was possible come up with a plan to wait until the middle of September to do the cutting of the edges of roads. We shall see what response I get, what kind of representation.


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