Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And the winner is... The media.

Now that the votes are in, does anyone suspect that the Democrats fixed the results? I'm not certain myself. Probably not in PA, but some of those close races in other states may have been tampered with. I'll bet if it went the other way you'd year all kinds of howling and shrieks from the D's.

Well the big winner last night was not the people, nor the Democrats.... It was the media. They managed to spin a good economy into a bad one. And they spun the Iraq reconstruction into a bad war. I hope the media is proud of itself. I personally find the whole thing disgusting. That's not democracy. That's not liberty. That's control. That's a form of tyranny that the founding fathers never reckoned for.

There is bad news for the D's right off the bat. I read two days ago in the paper that neither party has addressed the Alternative Minimum Tax yet. Unless they do, and pronto, that will really affect the economy adversely. The funny thing is, the R's are the ones who didn't deal with it, and the exemption for middle class folks who make as little as 40K single or 60K married will expire this December, and guess what, the D's will take the blame, because they now hold the house of reps. Ha. Actually a tax increase of at least $2,390, according to the article, is nothing to laugh at.
An exemption that limits the number of high-income taxpayers who pay the Alternative Minimum Tax expires at the end of this year. That means an estimated 19.2 million additional taxpayers will lose all or part of their deductions for mortgage interest and local property taxes — and increase their tax bills by an average of about $2,390. To limit the number of taxpayers who are subject to the AMT, current law exempts the first $42,500 of income earned by an individual and $62,550 claimed on a joint return. Without a renewal, the exemptions will be lower.


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