Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hillarycare.. elevating the willing suspension of disbelief to a Zen art

If Hillary becomes president and pushes this plan, look for a recession..

Here are the three key proposals that stink:
-- Clinton laid out her proposal, with the centerpiece a so-called "individual mandate," requiring everyone to have health insurance
Twice in the last 8 years I was without employment, and twice I elected for NO health insurance because I felt it was not worth the thousands of dollars they wanted for an interim arrangement before I got another job.

Mandates stink! If I choose not to have insurance, that is my choice.

-- She called for a requirement for businesses to obtain insurance for employees, and said the wealthy should pay higher taxes to help defray the cost for those less able to pay for it.
This will cause a recession; because small businesses will often go out of business because of this mandate!

-- She put the government's cost at $110 billion a year.
This is pure B.S. Not only an underestimage, but does not factor in the cost to business and individuals all the mandates she will come up with.

Plus, when has government ever kept their prices low, it will grow at 3 times the rate of inflation, just as Medicare has done.


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