Thursday, November 09, 2006

Surprise! Your president's a Sea Urchin

So, I suppose Bush has more in common with a Sea Urchin than do Liberals..

- He has no spine or backbone: (He is caving in to ultra-leftist Nancy Pelosi).
- According to the left, his IQ is about equivalent to the Sea Urchin.
- He sort of looks like one too.

Perhaps the first bill passed by the new congress can be the "DNA Sequencing of George W. Bush's Genome Reconciliation Act of 2007" Then they can compare that genome to that of the Sea Urchin. Perhaps ultimately, new drugs can be developed for combating human infectious diseases and ills like conservatism, and even change their voting habits.
Surprise! Your [president's] Cousin's a Sea Urchin. Meet your new evolutionary cousin, the sea urchin. By analyzing the newly sequenced genome of the spineless creature, an international team of scientists found just how much we have in common with them.


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