Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Hillarycare, lose your job! Do not pass go.

I just figured out how Hillary plans to enforce the so-called "individual mandate," requiring everyone to have health insurance.

Small businesses or those which don't offer health-insurance will be required to request proof of an individuals insurance before they are hired.

In other words, the penalty is that you don't get a job. If you refuse to take a health insurance plan, which you must pay for based on your income, then you won't be permitted to work for anyone else. In fact, I'm sure they will find a way to make sure you can't be self-employed as well, through their bureaucratic dicatatorial means..

Can you imagine it now, you want a job, and the employer informs you that you have to go to the local Department of Hillarycare Enforcement. You go there, pay a fee and they ask for proof of your insurance, only government approved plans; or, for a huge monthly premium, Hillary will insure you herself. If you refuse, you don't get the job!

Or how about this: Lose your income tax return. Or perhaps you lose the right to use a deduction.

No Hillarycare, lose your job, do not pass go!


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