Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Immoral, that would be government, not business.

I've been told that capitalism is immoral.

Specifically, I've been told that the Misus institute, an economic think tank with libertarian/capitalist publications, doesn't understand capitalism or socialism except in some kind of extreme form and of their own definition. I've been told that capitalism is the preferred choice, but it has it's problems, the main one being the people who practice it are immoral and have to be carefully watched and regulated.

Immoral, ha, that's funny. Business may have some problems, but it loses the title of immoral to government, by a long shot!

Anyone that thinks that government is any more moral than business, has been brainwashed by government. I've been in business my whole working life. Everything I've seen about business is 100 times more moral than government. The people I've dealt with, even at the very top, are not reckless, are concerned for people and resources, and never, never steal from any one or any organization. In Free markets, you are Free to buy things, you are never FORCED to buy them. In fact, without business, where would people make a living? It is the very nature of business and capitalism that makes society work, literally and figuratively, in a peaceful manner, so that everyone is basically happy, a win-win scenario.

Government inherently seems to look moral, but in reality holds very little of that quality inherent. Government steals from people, flat out theft (taxes), through force. Government purports to care for people, but look at the mandates: like a local sewer mandate forced upon me. I was forced to pay $15,000 for a public sewer system that I did not need.

How about the whole idea of two owners for property, caused by government. You think you own the property, but it turns out you don't own the mineral rights: what a silly notion. Business couldn't drill on your land if it were not for that stupid notion coming from government. This idea was invented by government.

Government is constantly hurting people. Bureaucrats don't care about people. The IRS doesn't care, it just forces you to pay your taxes, without any regard.

Look at unjust wars: most of them are the fault of government. Look at Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain in 1939, all of the people were inherently good, but the governments forced them into tyranny, and war. Look at the Soviet Union: how many millions of people were killed by Stalin and the rest of those dictators: 20 million +

Yes, there have been unscrupulous businesses, but that is the exception, not the rule, especially in this day and age.

With government, it it the rule, not the exception: Government is stupid, uncaring and on the whole, basically evil. The best form of government is limited government.


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