Friday, September 12, 2008

Mrs. Palin goes to Washington

Fallacy: confusing business, which is the free market, with government, which is public tyranny. As Palin said the other day: "Government is not the solution, it is the problem." She got that quote from Ronald Reagan.

Government is the problem, and I would trust an individual such as Palan, a Washington outsider, to shrink the size of government. Change cannot come from inside Washington, (including Obama, the penultimate insider), but only can come from outside. Just like when Mr. Smith goes to Washington, he finds and destroys the culture of corruption that exists on the inside.

I'm tired of the tyranny coming from collectivists and snobs in Washington. We should decentralize the federal government, put the responsibilities for people and their problems back where it belongs, in the people's hands and as a necessary evil, in the hands of the states.

Business solves problems much more efficiently than government. Government should get out of the way, step aside and let the free market go to work.

Just remember, there are plenty of people like me, who are mad as hell at the inside the beltway crowd, and we are just not going to take it anymore. On the first Tuesday in November we are going to get inside our voting booth vehicles, and we are going to back over the inside the beltway crowd with all vigor and glee, telling our neighbors to watch us vote, because we just can't take it anymore, and we won't be apologetic, and we will tell everyone using the pen, because the written word is mightier than the sword !


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