Thursday, July 24, 2008

'change we can believe in'

Some thoughts on a wonderful short film..

I think something like this story really could happen in real life, which I believe is more likely than if politicians would help. Some politicians may have good intentions, but good intentions are not good enough.

The cynic in me is cynical of government. I think real people, like you, me and any individuals out there are far more caring than government is. And that's the way it ought to be, because government really can't help. Throwing money at something wont help. As in the film, the character didn't give any money at all, he simply changed the sign. Government should change the sign and get out of the way.

Think what would have happened in the short film if the stranger had given money, instead of changing the sign, the money would last a short while, but then nothing would change.

And indeed, isn't it a wonderful short film? I think the film itself is just like the character in the film. It will actually change things a bit, simply because it is so well done.

Getting government out of the way is the only 'change we can believe in'


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