Monday, June 30, 2008

Arctic ice melt may be due to undersea volcanoes

Recent evidence has shown
Arctic ice melt may be due to undersea volcanoes
via American Thinker Blog on 6/26/08
The Arctic ice that is supposedly melting, stranding those cuddly looking polar bears, just might be affected by a newly-documented wave of volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor under the Arctic ice cap.
I've been told:
Could be, but it does not account for the ice melt in Antarctica and Greenland. Global warming is worldwide, not restricted to one pole.
I wonder..

Even skeptics like myself agree that there is some degree of Global Warming. But it is not beyond a normal trend, and it is not accelerating. No link to man can be proven to be beyond a mere dent in the phenomenon. What us skeptics prefer is that the alarmism in the media and from Gore political types be dropped. Let the scientists do the research, and let's talk about it again in 10 years..


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